2013-12-27 Around the world tasting

This tasting contained 5 brands from the 5 oldest active destilleries of their country

  • Kilbeggan                       – Ireland        – Blended                                     Founded 1757, Since it was restarted in 2007 the worlds oldest active destillery
  • Makmyra                         – Sweden      – Singke Malt, special 07          Founded 1999, The first destillery from Sweden
  • The Yamazaki                – Japan          – Single malt,  18 Year old       Founded 1923, The first destillery from Japan
  • Jack Daniels                  – USA             – 1981 Gold medal                    Licensed xxxx, The first licensed destillery in USA
  • Bowmore                        – Scotland     – 17 Year old                               Founded 1779, The first destillery on Islay, depending on how you count also the olderst in scotland

Surprisingly out of the 3 tasters Jack Daniels got the most votes for best whisky, and The Yamazaki the least, on the nose and taste it Jack was considered smoth with a nice vanilla taste whilst the Yamazaki got feedback like strong, to much alcohol taste and smells like terpentin.

the Kilbeggan was considered to be very low on alcohol and weak.