About The Sofiero Whisky Blend

As you might have seen based on the welcome message this page is about a bottle of whisky, The intention of the page is not to broadcast to the world a new wonder its simply to allow me to capture all the brands i pour in this bottle.

Why ? well its all the leftovers from blended or single malts that has had to be combined as they where just sitting in the whisky cubord taking space.

Someone stated that over time if the bottle is open and the amount of whisky is low the taste and alcohol content decrease by having to much “air” to breath in the bottle.

In an attempt to clean up and make space for new and interesting whisky all these go in to one bottle “The Sofiero Blend” this create a unique and constantly changing  bottle of the house whisky.

This page will as its main content have a list of all those bottles that sacrofice the last drop of whisky for creating this unique experience, and for all those lucky enough to get a taste there will be a section where taste notes can be entererd .