2022 Nikka – from the barrel

51,4 % abv but still very smooth, and one of my favorite Japanese whiskeys, very well balanced with lots of flavor has a sweet tone and lingering nice aftertaste. Every whisky enthusiast should have one of these in their cabinet !

2022 Dalwhinnie – bodega reserve 63 % abv

Drawn from the cask during a visit to the distillery October 22. Very nice whisky 15 y.o. It was not possible to buy a bottle from this but according to the tour guide the closest one to this they had was the one from the “fill your own bottle” in the tourist shop 🙂 … so I bought one. Looking at the fill your own bottle I can tell now that won’t even be close. Nevertheless they are both very nice whiskeys !

And the hand filled exclusive

Not bad 🙂

2022 Monkey shoulder – Smokey monkey

Smokey Blended malt whisky at 40 % abv. This one is batch 9 even though this is good it’s not as good as the original monkey shoulder, it feels as if the smoke is an after thought and has been added just to have a Smokey version rather than being a part of the the full process to produce a nice tasting whisky at reasonable price. It’s still good and good could see myself getting another one if it’s on sale somewhere when I’m traveling.

2022 Glen Keith Distillery Edition

it’s back !!! One of my favorite whiskies when staring to drink malt whisky. Yep fell for the then fruity light smooth tast. This is not as good as the “original” Glen Keith 10 in a square bottle that got discontinued when the distiller went offline but If you leave it sitting And let the air oxidize the content and the abv lower a bit it’s still a very nice dram ! It’s only 40 % abv but still felt a bit boozy when first opened.

Glen Keith

2022 Caol Ila – Signatory vintage 2011

Caol ila never disappoint this is no exception, light natural colored bottling from signatory, smoke and sweetness in a balanced and easy to drink but still with a punch at 46% abv . Almost finished the bottle instead of pouring some in the Sofiero.

Caol ila 9yo

2021 Glen Garioch 12yo

After sitting in the back of the cabinet for a few years I didn’t have high expectations opening this one, not sure if it’s the box, the bottle label or the los price.. might be all of that .. well never judge a book by it’s cover this is an extremely nice tasting whisky at a really good price sweet round not too boozy. Sits at 48 % but feels more like low 40s .. with a long fruity Finnish it’s been a go to whisky since I opened it. Now as I empty the last drops of the bottle in my Sofiero I’m already looking at where a can get another one of these !

Available in most border shops and tax free stores I wish corona was over so I can stock up at descent prices again 🙂

The Sofiero whisky blend
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