2021 Glen Garioch 12yo

After sittning in the back of the cabinet for a few years I didn’t have high expectations opening this one, not sure if it’s the box, the bottle label or the cheap price.. might be all of that .. well never judge a book by it’s cover this is an extremely nice tasting whisky at a really good price sweet round not too boozy. Sits at 48 % but feels more like low 40s .. with a long fruity Finnish it’s been a go to whisky since I opened it. Now as I empty the last drops of the bottle and in my Sofiero I’m already looking at where a can get another one of these !

Available in most border shops and tax free stores I wish corona was over so I can stock up at descent prices again 🙂

2020 – Jack Daniels Gentleman Jack

Double mellowed Tennessee whiskey, a large stack of sugar maple is burnt to charcoal then the jack raw spirits is filtered through drip by drip. This is referred to as the charcoal mellowing process or the extra blessing. For gentleman jacks it’s done twice !!!! One Time before it’s aged in barrels and a second time after.

It’s a really nice whisky and the 40% abv fits perfect with the smoothness brought by the double mellowing

Is it mellow ? No double mellowed !!

2020 – BenRiach 17 YO Solstice

Sweet fruity gentle that flattens out with a bite from the 50% abv, gives a first impression that it might be low complex with a short taste but once the abv gives in it morphes in to a deep fruity heavy peaty aftertaste that sits in the the back of the throat.

A very nice whisky from BenRiach, I purchased mine after a visit to the distillery which opened my eyes for this small and more of an experimental type distillery.

Warm fruity peaty … heavenly good !

2020 – Ben Bracken speyside

This is one of 3 non-age stated single malt whiskies from Lidl:s own brand. They are released with single malt whisky from non named distilleries in expressions: Islay, Speyside & Highlands

It’s a simple whisky with a nice taste, doesn’t felt too young even if it has a bit of a burn despite only having 40% abv.

With a cost of around 20 eur this is a great whisky and if lidl sold it in Sweden I’d buy more of it already tomorrow !

Lidls single malt Ben bracken speyside expresssin


2020 – The Tyrconell 10yo Madeira Casks

This Irish single malt is extremely smooth start with and has a hint of sweetness, just after it goes down it gives a longer kick from the 46 % abv which I think kicks I. To fast and overpower the mellow tones in b the start.

Even though I love Madeira cask finished whiskies this one doesn’t have have enough taste in the start and the middle to be on my list of whiskies to replace in my cabinet

Farewell Tyrconell !

2020 – Mackmyra Reserve Ichiban

This Mackmyra comes from a privately owned cask, it has been finished in a 30 liters PX sherry cask for 16 months. the ABV is cask strength and 49.7%.

Without a doubt this is my number one (ichiban) Mackmyra it is sweet but have a punch and opens up very nice with a little bit of water to take the edge of the almost 50% alcohol in it.

2020 – Woodford Reserve

This premium small batch distiller selection is a treat, its produced in Woodford county and is a mix of copper pot still spirits and column still spirits. my bottle #647 was from batch 158 and I would gladly drink a few more of these.

Not saying much to the non whisky nerds this is a sour mash Kentucky straight bourbon with a mash that has 72% corn in it.

A bourbon needs at least 51% corn to be called a bourbon so the question is what does these extra % do to the whisky ? .. It makes it Sweet 😀 this combined with roughly 7 years in a white oak barrel gives it a really smooth sweet vanilla taste that will urge to pore a new one as soon the glass is empty.

2020 – Naked Grouse

Launched in 2013 this was aged in first fill sherry casks, is based on whisky from Highland Park and Macallan. Abv of 40% smooth sweet very nice easy to drink alround whisky.

2020 – Bowmore Maltmens selection

This one is from 1995 and it enjoyed 13 years in the barrel before I bought it at the distillery in 2008, the bottle number is 1482/3000 and the abv is 54,6% (was).

It’s fruity dark and Smokey, it has a kick at the end from the abv but still very smooth and has a reeeeeallyyy long lingering finish, Delightful ! It’s a pity it’s empty now.

The Sofiero whisky blend
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